Machinery diagnostics

Our team of specialists at MGB Pompy Instalacje provides the services in:

  • End-to-end diagnostics of rotating machinery and equipment for:
    • General vibration measurements with immediate assessment of machinery dynamics
    • Spectral vibration analysis to locate vibration sources
    • Balancing of rotating parts
    • Inspection of roller bearings
    • Temperature measurement
    • Rotational speed measurement
    • Cavitation
    • Phase measurement, used e.g. in determination of axial misalignment in shafts or shaft bending
  • Continuous servicing: from systematic measurements and assessments to maintenance of equipment databases
  • Troubleshooting in:
    • Machine condition assessment
    • Machine operation and overhaul scheduling
    • Overhaul forecasting and management


We assure a high quality of services by operation of advanced portable diagnostic tools from MBJ Electronics operated with the latest revision of the MBJLab software.


MBJLab capabilities:

  • Generation of machinery databases for long-term dynamic analysis, creation of printed records and reports, and archiving of results;
  • Review of results in graphical format;
  • Warning and alarm indication;
  • Design of measurement routes;
  • Data exchange with portable diagnostics equipment.